Annual Essay and Video Competition

Annual Essay and Video Competition

The Henrietta Lacks Legacy Group (HLLG) has been sponsoring the Annual Essay and Video Competition since 2013. The organization believes that one of the best ways to extend the legacy of Mrs. Lacks is to engage young people.

Annual Essay and Video Competition
HLLG invites submissions to its Annual Essay and Video Competition each year with a deadline of December 31. The competition is open to high school, middle school, and home school students across the country.

The competition is also open to special needs students in high and middle schools. Submissions may include text and graphics/artwork and address one of the two assignments below, depending on grade level, and sent to:

PO Box 21882,
Turner Station, MD 21222.

First Prize: $125.00
Second Prize: $100.00
Third Prize: $75.00

Winners are announced in mid to late January each year.

High school students must submit a 300-word typed essay on the contributions of Mrs. Lacks to modern medicine and why it is important to remember her today.
Middle school students must compose a letter to Mrs. Lacks that reflects on her contributions to modern medicine and how the use of her cells has affected their family.

Video submissions should include a multi-media video clip (of images, interviews, etc.), reflecting on the contributions of Henrietta Lacks to modern medicine and why it is so important to remember her legacy today, not to exceed 3 minutes in length.

All submissions must include: Student’s full name, grade, name of teacher / parent, name of school, city, state, and email address of teacher/parent. Please do not send student’s email address.

December 31, by Midnight; send submission to: